• Facebook Has Moved On, Time The Moaners Did Too
    Facebook is a now an out-and-out advertising channel. As long as brand marketers romanticise about previous organic reach, they will continue to put off the decision to put up, and start advertising, or shut up, and put budget in to other channels.
  • Digital Outdoor Gets Real-Time -- At Last!
    This time the digital outdoor industry cannot over-promise and under-deliver again Londoners gear up for the first real-time, live video digital outdoor campaigns arriving at tube stations from this September.
  • IAB Reveals Record Spending -- But Why The Mobile Attention Disconnect?
    If more than half of all Web content is consumed on a mobile device, why does the channel only get just under a quarter of digital display's overall budget? And if 6 in every 7 pounds is being spent on raising awareness for those who know what they're searching for, where's the engagement?
  • Agencies Vs Brands -- Let The Blameless Cast The First Stone
    When up to half an agency's media bill can be accounted for by click fraud and charges, it's hardly surprising that a planned strike against InBev didn't gain momentum.
  • Why Are One In Five Top UK Brands Begging Mobile Consumers To Ignore Them?
    When a fifth of Britain's top brands don't take mobile seriously enough to create an optimised site and only a third of our top retailers offer a transactional app, it's time to wake up to the power of mobile. Ignore it and you'll be ignored.
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