• Google Glass Exit Should Focus Brands On Connecting Smartphones And Beacons
    It was an interesting distraction, but a distraction nonetheless. With Google Glass gone, brands can forget about sci-fi and concentrate on what they have right now -- beacon technology that could link them to their customers' smartphones.
  • Viewability And Fraud Need To Be Prioritised - Then We Can Talk About Programmatic Data and Transparency
    Programmatic has one major trend for 2015. Stop allowing brands to pay for clicks from bots and deliver ads that are actually viewed by human beings. Only then can we start talking about data and transparency. Want proof? Just look at where the ad tech guys are focussed.
  • Why Don't Retailers Differentiate Their Brands On Delivery?
    Just as Morrisons is trying to differentiate itself today, so too is every other retailer. Yet they continue to keep delivery as their own little secret when it's the one part of their operations that impacts online customers the most. They should pick the best and shout it from the rooftops.
  • Official -- Black Friday Hindered Retail, But Gave Bars A Festive Tonic
    Experts have now worked out what the average Brit knew all along. Black Friday didn't increase spending -- quite the opposite. People "did" Christmas early and spent what was left down the pub!
  • Anyone Got a Clue What Adidas' Latest Campaign Is About?
    Adidas' latest campaign for its Superstar shoes sums up Friday's "MAD London" blog perfectly. Beautiful scenes, an array of megastars and an audience left wondering "what on earth was that all about?"
  • Dear Advertiser, What Is It Exactly You Want From Us?
    Three in four campaigns are underperforming for two main reasons. Not only are marketers failing to always base campaigns around data and measure real business KPIs, but they can sometimes leave consumers wondering what point they're trying to make.
  • Is Google Getting A Warning From Tesco?
    Google just might want to look at the Tesco story. Its demise from supermarket pioneer has been sudden and is attributable to the same reasons of trust and greed that could end up plaguing Google.
  • How Do You Square The Most Viewed Festive Ad With The Worst Christmas In A Decade?
    Marketers are very quick to draw a line between successful campaigns and sales improvements, explaining away failure on anything else imaginable. But how do you account for a successful campaign that leads to reduced sales? Do we need a new "not as bad as it could have been" metric?
  • CES Proves Carmakers Are Finally Embracing Smartphones, Not Replicating Them
    Anyone who used to make electronic organisers, stills or video cameras will know the smartphone is taking over. The signs from CES, however, show that carmakers are finally acknowledging this by embracing the smartphone rather than trying to replicate it.
  • Shape Up Or Ship Out -- FT.com Figures' Stark Warning On Digital Display
    As "The Times" reveals that FT.com research shows nearly three in four digital display spots offered for the financial news site on open exchanges are fraudulent, alarm bells should be ringing. Exchanges need to clean up their act, and agencies must move forward in protecting budget from cyber criminals.
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