• 'Telegraph' Results Beg The Question: How Long Does Print Have Left?
    Digital subscriptions are up 27% and yet profits nosedive by 93%. It's unsustainable, isn't it?
  • Programmatic Video Drives UK Ad Growth
    Video display is nearly at parity with non-video display -- thanks to programmatic.
  • Blood On The Desktop As Apple And Disney Disrupt The Disruptors
    The Mac app icons are in place for Apple to begin disrupting the disruptors. Then it's Disney's turn.
  • Boris Commits UK To Online Regulator
    Today's Queen Speech was pointless, other than in committing Boris to carry on with online safety laws.
  • OECD Will Force Tech Giants To Be Fair On Tax, So EU Doesn't Have To
    New tax proposals will aim to account for revenue where it is generated to prevent countries from bringing in taxes unilaterally.
  • WAGatha Christie Reveals The Faustian Pacts That Fuel Tabloids
    Coleen Rooney's accusation against Rebekah Vardy says as much about tabloids as it does about wannabe celebrities.
  • Marketers Can Relax -- IT Teams Are Behind Most Privacy Fines
    Only 7% of ICO fines are levelled at email marketers. Half are for public sector mishaps, mainly in IT.
  • The One Where 'Friends' Unlocks Gen Z Attention
    Could the ROI "be" any better?
  • EU Rules That Consent On Cookies Really Does Mean Consent
    GDPR could not be any clearer around consent having to come from consumers, could it?
  • 'You're Engaged!' Influencer Marketing Lessons From 'The Apprentice'
    It's not always about reach, but the cost of engagement. The most efficient option might surprise you.
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