• Mobile-First World To Be Fueled By Collapse In Desktop Search
    Mobile is the UK's top channel -- and growth will remain huge as search quits the desktop for the smaller screen, according to eMarketer.
  • TV Is More Master And Servant Than King
    "Forget tv" is dead talk. Three-quarters of our video consumption (two-thirds for Millennials) is live, delayed or streamed shows on a device that suits us. TV, then, is more a master and servant than king alone.
  • Would Ad Tech Be Better Without The Vendors?
    Marketers are often seen as not "getting" the latest tech. Perhaps some vendors should be looking at themselves.
  • Publishers Get Tooled Up In The Fight Against Ad Blockers
    IAB Tech Lab is giving members the code they need to detect ad blockers so they can finally take a stand against digital shoplifters.
  • Customer Experience And Brand Value Are The Same Thing
    As research shows, customer experience has leapfrogged brand value in company valuation. It's worth pointing out that they're actually one and the same thing.
  • Facebook, Google: Tax Is The Price For Buying Public 'Likes'
    Facebook and Google are not afraid of fines or politicians, but they realise tax is the price they will have to pay for UK "likes."
  • Fake Social Profiles' First Victims Are Self-Deluded Brands
    Trolling is awful and already illegal. The unseen victims are brands that can pay to delude themselves that they are popular.
  • How Fast Can Your Brand Reverse?
    Celebrity endorsement and slick marketing is great -- but if you can rectify a mistake or take back a return, what are you playing at?
  • Half Of Ad Blockers Will Disable For Quality Content -- Publishers, What Are You Waiting For?
    As one in two ad blockers say they will disable tech to get quality content, surely it's time for publishers to ban the blockers?
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