• Mobile And Proximity -- Why Don't Brands Transform Customer Experience With Both?
    Can't think of an app that suddenly offers you more based on where you are? It's surprising that proximity isn't built into more mobile brand experiences.
  • Programmatic Called Out On Brand Safety -- Agencies Or Vendors To Face The Chop?
    There will be blood on the carpet by the end of the week. Whose should it be? Agencies for not using the right tech, or the tech guys for not living up to their brand safety claims?
  • Would You Like A Nazi Badge Or ISIS Flag With That, Madam?
    Funding hate and terror is up there as among the worst things you can say about a brand. But why, oh why, when JICWEBS certifies brand safety certificates did they not work with an approved supplier?
  • Ethics Is Shaping Up To Be The Top Brand Challenge
    Despite the headlines, it's not just about political allegiance. 2017 will be all about ethical brands acting responsibly.
  • Snap Float -- Anyone Else Fearing Another Twitter?
    It's a great time to have been an early investor in Snap as it races toward a massive liquidity event, but can companies that haven't made a profit like Snap and Twitter ever justify their float hype?
  • First Fraud Certificates Help Brands Tackle Media's 'Murky' Waters
    JICWEBS has issued its first fraud detection certificates just as brands such as P&G have begun standing up to agencies, demanding more clarity in media's "murky" waters.
  • The Best Customer Experience Is All About Keeping It Simple
    If nearly two in three of us would pay extra for a simpler experience and recommend it to friends, isn't it it time that brands stripped back choices for us?
  • Sorrell Is Wrong - Zero-Based Budgeting Is An Opportunity, Not A Problem
    Zero-Based Budgeting is surely more a benefit than a threat because in the age of procurement, it changes the conversation back to one of value and ROI, not a cost-driven race to the bottom.
  • Could Dark Social Be The Lynchpin For Making Digital Display Actually Work?
    Brands are using "dark social" sharing to target digital display campaigns in which, it is claimed, success shoots through the roof. Is dark social the key to saving display from that "only one in a thousand" people click-through statistic?
  • When 60% Think Brand Content Is 'Clutter' It's Time To Deploy Every Storyteller's Secret Weapon
    The majority of consumers think branded content is just in the way of their online experience. Every storyteller will reveal that this is because they're not involved. If there's nothing in there for them, why should they be interested?
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