• UK Consigns Gender Stereotypes To History
    The gender stereotypes were always pretty awkward. Nobody will miss the passing of the housewife obsessed with housework.
  • Fake News Is A Concern, But Why Pay When Quality Is Free?
    Brits are concerned about disinformation -- but only 9% pay for news because quality content is still free.
  • Despite Brexit, Adland Is Flourishing In The UK
    If Brexit uncertainty is so bad, why is UK ad growth leading the way in the EU?
  • Young Women See Straight Through Wannabe Influencers
    "Love Island" is upon us, but young women trust talent and authority over wannabe stars cashing in as influencers.
  • 'Daily Mail' Fail -- Did Google Just Switch On A Quality Filter?
    SEO traffic has fallen by 50% for the country's most popular site. Is this about speed? Or quality?
  • Is Instagram's Free Ride Coming To An End?
    It looks like Instagram is going the way of Facebook, doesn't it?
  • Forget Millennials -- Gen Z Will Make Brand Purpose A Priority
    You've heard it before about millennials -- but Gen Z-ers really will want their brands to do the right thing.
  • What's Next For Tech Giants? Break Up Or US-Style GDPR?
    The EU has taken a hard line -- and now the US is following. Even so, privacy rules seem more likely than a breakup.
  • Newspaper And Magazine Brands Are Being Squeezed Out By The Duopoly
    Newspapers' and magazines' share of UK ad spend will dip into single-digit territory this year for the first time.
  • Brits Tell The Government To Be Tougher On Social
    More than two in three Brits now think the Government needs to be tougher on social media platforms.
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