• Cannes Lions Tells Creatives They Just Became Experience Curators
    Creative will descend on Cannes tomorrow to discover campaigns are not enough -- curating new experiences is where it's at.
  • Why Google And Apple Deserve Praise For Saving The Ad Industry From Itself
    The tech giants come in for a lot of criticism, but filtering out the bad ads and letting the good ones through deserves huge heaps of praise.
  • Why Marketing Is Too Important For Procurement To Ruin
    If marketing doesn't step up and insist that procurement is embedded, the disastrous race to the bottom will continue.
  • Social Targeting's Always Right, But It's The Message That Counts
    Social experts say the Tories targeted too narrowly on social. Really? Surely it was the message that was the problem?
  • Millennials Are All About Experience -- Election Proves Marketers Right
    Theresa May tried to phone it in and Labour engaged -- guess which way Millennials voted last week.
  • UK Election Cheer For Adland As Hard Brexit Rejected
    Theresa May is being kept in power by an alliance that opposes hard Brexit. Adland can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • US Tech Giants Will Find UK Far Tougher After Election
    The election has been wrapped up with terror attacks to the point where bashing the tech giants as a government policy will only intensify after today.
  • Adland Can Rejoice As Ad-Blocking Rates Flatten Out
    One in five are blocking ads, but growth is slowing as the predicted display Armageddon now seems unlikely.
  • Experience Economy Is Here! Brits Swap 'Stuff' For Dates And Movies
    We're spending less on retail goods and far more on movies and eating out. Is this the birth of the experience economy?
  • #DancingPoliceman Made Us LOL, The London Bridge Attack Makes Us Choose A Leader
    Social media brought us kindness and the #DancingPoliceman in Manchester -- but the terror spree will mould the election around leadership. Only one party will benefit from that.
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