• Are Snake Oil Vendors Responsible For Digital Marketers' Data Disconnect?
    And if so, are they opening up a route for consultants to get more of a foothold in advertising and marketing?
  • Adland Is Shooting Itself In The Foot With 'Minimal Impact' Defence On Kids And Junk Food
    As the ad industry defends itself against new kids' and junk food regulations by claiming to have "little impact," I'm wondering why brands should give them millions of pounds in the first place.
  • Loyalty Should Be Simple -- It Should Be Mobile
    Brits own the loyalty cards but don't know what they mean -- so they don't carry them. Why haven't brands already figured out that the answer is mobile?
  • Nice Tech, Amazon -- What About Us Humans?
    Would you like to make a tech giant with a questionable tax and HR record do away with most of the staff in a store so you have nobody to talk to? Thought not. Me neither.
  • Why Facebook Is Smashing YouTube For Festive Video Discovery
    Facebook was responsible for nine in ten interactions with a Christmas tv ad and 60% of views. A clear line is emerging between the leader in video discovery and the top video destination.
  • Are Print's Worst Days Over As Digital Gains Balance Out Print Losses? Don't Bet On It
    Print has arguably reached its nadir where print ad revenue losses balance out with digital gains, but don't expect bounce-back from titles relying on growth when they barely touch the popularity online of the BBC and Facebook.
  • Sorrell Is Right -- Consolidation Is Inevitable As Buying Growth Becomes The New Norm
    It isn't just you. In a relatively flat market preparing for zero-based budgeting, rivals really are buying growth and making consolidation the tune the industry will dance to next year.
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