• Flight To Quality Sees Brits Losing Trust In News Via Social
    We're twice as likely to trust news found through a search on Google as we are a social site.
  • Brexit Blues Be Gone -- 2019 UK Ad Growth To Beat Global Average
    So says Dentsu Aegis. 2019 will see ad spend increase in the UK by more than the global average.
  • World Cup Sponsorship, The Wasted Budget That Can Only Backfire
    With no awareness lift, sponsors must be questioning spending GBP180m on a corrupt body's big show in a tyrant's backyard. Qatar's up next!
  • Did Nike Just Own Adidas, Again -- Before The World Cup Even Begins?
    Adidas has spent millions to gain logos it doesn't want to use. Nike hasn't, and its ad is better. Just ask 7m YouTube viewers.
  • Google Braces For Another Huge European Fine -- This Time For Android
    Google is just a month, and possibly two, from another large fine from Brussels -- this time over Android.
  • World Cup's $2.4bn Ad Spend Boost Will Make It The Most Social Yet
    A tenth of new ad spend globally will be attributable to the World Cup -- the most social tournament we will have seen to date.
  • IAB UK Setting A Gold Standard In Improving Digital Marketing
    The IAB UK's Gold Standard is proving to be a hit in keeping ads on the straight and narrow.
  • Green Light Given -- But Will Murdoch Be Able To Serve Up Sky To Disney?
    Or will NBCUniversal snap the entertainment giant away from Fox to spoil their trip to the movies?
  • Fast Food Apps Twice As Big As Gambling And Dating
    Figures from comScore show the conversation can't be limited to tv bans, now that the market is centred on smartphones.
  • Fourteen Million Reasons To Block The Ad Blockers
    Digital shoplifters are costing publishers fourteen million pounds per year. That's an average of GBP630,000 each.
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