• Will Unilever's Rotterdam Decision Be Punished By Rise Of Brand Britain?
    Brands are watching out for a rise in national pride. Will it happen? Will Unilever feel the pinch?
  • Cryptocurrencies Suck, But Blockchain Could Give Brands Transparency
    Digital marketers can give dodgy currency a miss, but blockchain could shine a bright light on transparency.
  • How Magazines Can Survive Ad And Subs Revenue Cuts By Half
    It will be tough, but focussed readerships and new revenue streams are a must.
  • Did Unilever's Keith Weed Just Make Nice With Facebook And Google?
    He seemed to blast the tech giants last month, but is now saying he was offering "encouragement."
  • Alexa And Siri Chase Voice -- But Brits Just Want The Heat Turned Up
    That's what the latest research is saying. Keep your cackle, just turn up the boiler.
  • Why Sexist Ads Will Be Gone By #IWD2019
    The big story of #IWD2018 is no more sexist advertising in the UK by the of the year.
  • ISBA Puts Agencies On Alert Over Viewability And Transparency
    ISBA's conference showed brands want data-driven advertising to be completely viewable, and a lot more transparent.
  • Did YouTube Just Step Up On Brand Safety? Finally?
    Certification may seem late -- until you realise the standard has only just been ratified on both sides of the pond.
  • Apprenticeships Will Make Marketing Less Male, Pale And Stale
    A guaranteed way to improve diversity is coming your way soon.
  • Govt Defends The Media As Leveson 2 And Press Control Plans Scrapped
    Leveson 2 was never needed -- and blackmailing the media would never have worked.
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