• BBC's 'Make It Digital' Impact Will Last A Generation
    Forget Clarkson -- the really big news from the BBC this week is "Make It Digital," which will do for today's kids what the BBC Micro did for us back in the '80s.
  • Are Fraudsters Shifting To Video?
    Are fraudsters switching tactics to build bots that appear to be worth more to brands as heavy consumers of video? The latest figures from comScore don't give an answer, but they certainly prompt the question.
  • 'Economist' Shows Millennials Are Not Such An Exclusive Breed After All
    "The Economist" is making a very interesting move from print to digital, but its most interesting lesson may be showing that if you get a product right they will come, as will other age groups. Media is about state of mind and shared interests -- over and above demographic cliches.
  • Apple Watch -- Finally, A Wearable People Want To Wear
    The Apple Watch will provide retail, marketing, ticketing and CRM opportunities -- but from launch, only with the support of an iPhone linked to the iCloud and powered by a bigger battery. Make no mistake, however -- we finally have a wearable that people want to wear.
  • Does #TheDress Show Yet Again That Charities Get Real-Time Social Better Than Brands?
    Think about the big social phenomena and how many were created by brands or charities and you're left asking the question: If brands are working in social in real-time, how come it's charities that lead the way?
  • Viewability And Fraud - Same Thing Surely? Why The Different Approaches?
    As watchdogs provide guidelines for combating fraud and viewability, marketers can't help but think they are effectively two sides of the same issue. So within a couple of years, expect the two to come together and sit on ad exchanges that don't serve an ad unless it ticks all the right boxes.
  • Clickbait -- Has The Premium Native Fightback Begun?
    People don't trust sponsored content on social media timelines, so it's time to get behind premium publishers. Not surprising to hear that from the AOP, but was there a more subtle message in its latest research. Have premium publishers thrown down the gauntlet to clickbait?
  • Beacons And Wearables -- Overhyped, Or Just Waiting For Apple's Next Moves?
    Beacons and wearables have undoubtedly been overhyped, and so are being revised at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. However, could it just be that Apple Pay, iBeacons and the iWatch are about to prove the hype was worth it after all?
  • TV Haters Really Need To Think Again
    Far from dying away, television reaches 95% of the British population for an average of nearly three and three-quarter hours every day -- two-thirds of which is spent on commercial television, where the average person sees 45 ads per day. Sound like a dying channel to you?
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