• Donald Trump -- Is This How You Thank A Host?
    A scathing interview in "The Sun" casts a shadow over today's London visit and talks with the PM.
  • Storytellers Win The World Cup As Emotions Triumph Over Budgets
    Forget Adidas vs Nike. Lidl has upstaged both by tapping into our emotions.
  • Facebook Becomes The First Company To Receive A Maximum ICO Fine
    Complaints say it is low, but it is the first time the ICO has used its full pre-GDPR powers.
  • Did GDPR Just Give Email Engagement A Boost?
    It's not the whole story -- but refining lists has pushed open rates to nearly one in five.
  • The 7 Deadly Sins That Give Away A Crooked Influencer
    Brands are wasting fortunes on rogue influencers selling bots rather than eyeballs. Here's how to spot a crook.
  • Does AT&T Prove Telcos Are Sleeping Giants Of Mobile Marketing?
    AT&T's acquisition of AppNexus raises the question of whether telcos will muscle in on mobile marketing.
  • Newspapers Tell Brands -- Not All Media Is Created Equal
    Newspapers remind brands that if they buy cheap, they will always end up paying twice.
  • Forget Percentages -- UK Smashes The EU In Mobile Marketing
    Low ad-spend starting points mean high-percentage growth in emerging markets can hide that the real story is all about massive UK growth.
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