• Conservatives Have To Spend On Social As Press Allies Are Behind Paywalls
    The Conservative Party's six-figure spending on Facebook has come in for criticism, and many will say social isn't where you talk to undecided voters. The really interesting question, however, is when the left-leaning articles are free to share on a left-leaning medium, did the Conservatives actually have any choice?
  • Native Is Transparent, But Main Obstacle Is Still Marketers Themselves
    Native has finally got its set of industry guidelines to reinforce what was already widely observed best practice. So marketers beware -- the one thing that stands in the way of native reaching your audience is you -- either by not seeing the opportunity, particularly in mobile, or by squandering it with sales-driven "puff."
  • Interviews About Pencils And Games Of 'Eye Spy' - That's How Bad BBC Radio Is
    BBC and commercial radio audiences are very near parity for the first time, thanks to the BBC's audience declining faster than commercial radio. With games of "Eye Spy" and interviews about pencil collections, is it really a surprise?
  • Are Agencies Too Big, Too Controlling?
    The spat between Omnicom Media and Channel 5 is more interesting for its impact on clients rather than how it all started. The point raised is whether agencies have grown to have too much control over clients. Answers on a post card, please.
  • If We're Not Going To Use Digital's Metrics After All, Time To Bring In TV Metrics?
    Digital marketing was supposed to be all about metrics, but even social ninjas are now saying it should be measured rather than counted. In other words, the metrics brands were sold on aren't that helpful, so what does that leave? Enter stage right, good old-fashioned television metrics of reach and frequency.
  • Stop Sniping And Learn - Zoella Could Teach Us All How To Connect To 7m Millennials With Zero Budget
    The reaction to YouTube star Zoella appearing on Celebrity Bake Off next week for Comic Relief has been mixed. Some sneer at a young lady who isn't familiar to them, while others including myself just say sit back and learn from someone who started with nothing and now has the attention of 7m millennials.
  • Super Bowl's Marketing Game Of Two Halves. Great For Branding, Less So For Response
    Now that the thrilling game is over, attention will focus on whether advertisers got a bang for their $4.5m thirty-second slots? Look at the figures, however, and you see it was cost-effective for branding, and less so for direct response. A classic advertising's Yes/No answer.
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