• Big Tech Levy Will Tax The Special Relationship
    The US seems likely to take action against France for taxing the tech giants. The UK stands next in line.
  • Tommy Robinson Is Convicted, But He's No Journalist
    He claims to be "Convicted of Journalism." The truth is he broke the law for jeopardising a fair trial.
  • UK Public Wants The ICO To Enforce GDPR To The Hilt
    Three in four of us want more action taken against the likes of BA and Marriott. This whole GDPR thing is just getting started.
  • Social Is Stalling As Trust Dips And Ad Growth Halves
    The numbers are still big, but ad growth has halved as user growth and use have plateaued.
  • BA Flies The Flag For What Happens When GDPR Bites
    GDPR has its first huge fine for a megabrand that shows the new law is about security as much as privacy.
  • UK Can Investigate, But Can It Really Touch The Tech Giants?
    The CMA can't split up the tech giants, so is this latest probe a way of validating the Digital Sales Tax?
  • Why Is So Much DOOH So 'Un-Digital'?
    For a channel that promises so much, why does DOOH deliver so many still images?
  • Brands Must Rethink Luxury And Millennials, And Activism Too
    Comscore offers surprises on luxury customers, and reveals that the public does not expect brand activism.
  • Women's World Cup Ads Are Too 'Woke' To Engage
    Spots are failing because they focus on issues rather than the fun of the game, Kantar suggests.
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