• Angry Birds Coming to TV is Underplayed
    Roku founder Anthony Wood isn't exactly moving into the gaming arena with modest intentions. Speaking to USA Today, Wood said that giants Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are losing juice, while opportunities on iPhones and Android devices have "shaken up the industry." Roku intends to keep the blender moving with a potentially game-changing (pun intended) deal to bring the iconic Angry Birds to the TV screen. Not only is Young looking to muscle in on the entrenched players, but he's doing it with the exceedingly hot Angry Birds, a favorite on iPhones and iPads.
  • Leaders & Bleeders: Oprah Up, But OWN Down
    This month's version of the ups and downs finds Oprah soaring, but her eponymous network struggling. Meanwhile, America can't get enough singing competitions and PBS might want to reconsider before moving too far into commercialism. Mark Burnett and Martha Stewart once worked together on a (disastrous) version of "The Apprentice." Now, each is heading in a different direction.
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