• Madison Avenue Meets Washington During Upfronts
    It will be interesting how many ABC upfront deals resemble what the network pitched heavily Tuesday in its upfront presentation. ABC sales chief Geri Wang sought to portray the network as a pioneer in cross-platform ad buys. Smartly, she acknowledged that the network is prepared to find sturdy measurement that combines viewing across TV, tablets, etc.
  • NBC Offers Upfront Evoking Nostalgia
    For advertisers, is there really a reason to attend an upfront presentation like the one NBC put on Monday? No and yes. It's hard to make a case from a business standpoint. Using NBC as an example, though, it's a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours. And, a chance to soak in the nostalgia makes it worth it.
  • Harbert's Upfront Screed Resonates, Ergen Avoids One
    NBC's Ted Harbert offered one of the more memorable performances at an upfront presentation a year ago. No, he didn't sing or dance to get attendees excited about a show. He postured. If upfront events are about luring advertisers, the NBC broadcasting chief surely turned a lot of them off from the start.
  • Many Large Markets Suffer During Sweeps
    TV viewing may be increasing on a national basis, but that's hardly the rule in major markets. By one metric, Nielsen data shows about half saw viewing declines in February, including one by an average of nearly 40 minutes a day.
  • Bundling Will Help Big Media If Aereo Survives
    Months after Time Warner Cable stopped carrying Ovation, the network still has a highly visible plea on its Web page asking for help in getting the cable operator to bring it back. A Los Angeles Times columnist spoke with Ovation COO Chad Gutstein, who indicated the arts channel is at the mercy of distributors because it's not part of a major media company. He's right. If Ovation were owned by News Corp. or NBCU, Time Warner Cable (TWC) subscribers would still have access.
  • Magazine Publisher Offers ROI Guarantee
    Cable networks are filling much of Manhattan's blank space with ads seeking upfront dollars. But a pitch in Monday's Wall Street Journal seemed to pop more than any of them. In a full-page ad, magazine publisher Meredith offered "ROI Guaranteed" in bold type.
  • Netflix, Amazon Could Impact Original Content Ecosystem
    Netflix or Amazon may produce some original hits, but upend the traditional TV production model? The advertising mogul and TV commentator Donny Deutsch argued that vigorously on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" in an appearance with the masterminds behind "Alpha House," the Amazon political comedy that started to come together last year. Yet it's tough to accuse Deutsch of going overboard. Broadcast networks aren't going anywhere and cable channels are producing some of the best dramas ever.
  • Guest Commentary: TVB's Lanzano Talks Viewing Patterns
    In a guest commentary, TVB President-CEO Steve Lanzano argues live + same day ratings in local markets is "the data stream that most closely correlates with the accepted network standard."
  • Snickers Deserves Earned Media
    Marketers increasingly look to employ elements of paid, earned and owned media in their campaigns. Snickers may or may not buy any media to back a stunt it's got going in conjunction with this weekend's Kentucky Derby, but it deserves some earned exposure.
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