• Comedy Not Yet Aired Earns Second Season From Proud Pop
    A new comedy series on the network known as Pop raises timely questions about how the TV business measures success these days.
  • Why Bother? NatGeo Series Makes Case For Mars Mission
    The new NatGeo series aims to persuade viewers that the colonization of space, beginning with Mars, serves no less a necessity than ensuring the survival of the human race.
  • Message To P.R. People: Stop 'Reaching Out' To Me, OK?
    In a reply to a publicist who contacted me recently on some subject or another, I wrote to her that I could not take up her pitch because she used the phrase "reaching out" in her email. I admit it was an ornery response, but here's why the phrase rankled me.
  • What Have You Done With Our Lady Mary?
    There is precious little good behavior in "Good Behavior," the new drama series premiering next week on TNT that stars Michelle Dockery of "Downton Abbey."
  • Out-Of-Touch News Media Was Totally Clueless
    Most of the news media seemed to favor Hillary Clinton for president in this campaign, so when Donald Trump won, it came as a huge shock.
  • To Paraphrase J. Peterman On 'Seinfeld,' Thank You For A Job ... Done
    Thank you, cable news channels, for destroying the long tradition of unbiased reporting in journalism. In this campaign, as in no other previously, Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN all seemed to be saying: To hell with all that, we're backing Hillary or Trump, and we're not hiding our preferences any longer.
  • Clinton Spot Says Trump Is Coarsening America, But That Ship Has Sailed
    A Clinton campaign commercial featuring impressionable kiddies whose innocence has apparently been shattered by the televised utterings of Donald Trump accuses Trump of coarsening America. The problem is, America is already coarsened ...
  • Searching For Something To Watch? It Takes Longer These Days
    A new study of TV viewing habits finds that the process of searching for and finding something to watch on TV (or some other video platform) is taking more and more of a typical viewer's time.
  • The World Series: Brought To You By Television
    There are instances when there's no substitute for the real thing. In this case the real thing is television -- real television. The occasion is the World Series, which ended in epic fashion on Fox Wednesday night.
  • 'TV Blog' Marks No. 600, Reflects Back On Era Of Massive Change
    Your daily fix of cogent commentary on the wacky world of TV reached a milestone yesterday -- the 600th blog under its current author since starting this writing assignment in 2014.
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