• The Nut And The Ninny: NBC's Maddow/Fallon Problem
    With her ridiculous non-scoop about Donald Trump's 2005 tax return this week, holier-than-thou Rachel Maddow proved she is just like everybody else in news media today -- hungry for ratings and willing to undertake any means necessary to get them.
  • With Mr. T And Charo, 'Dancing With The Stars' Can't Miss
    With Mr. T and Charo both competing in the new, upcoming "Dancing With the Stars" on ABC, this 24th edition of the show simply cannot miss.
  • Dear TV News, You're A National Joke
    TV news has finally accomplished the goal toward which it has been heading for its entire history: It is now a full-blown satire of itself.
  • 'Big Bang' Spinoff Sounds Like A Stroke Of Genius
    It doesn't take a genius to come to the conclusion that the "Big Bang Theory" spinoff CBS announced Monday is a billion-dollar idea. It was one of the most concise news releases to come out of a major TV network in recent memory.
  • Courtroom Comedy's Verdict On Southerners: They're All Stupid
    According to the way the residents of a fictional South Carolina town are depicted in the show, Southerners are anti-Semitic and homophobic, they drink and smoke, and they love guns. They are also incestuous and stupid.
  • Something For Every Taste: The Colossus That Is YouTube
    Which is more surprising -- the fact that total daily viewing time on YouTube is poised to surpass all of U.S. TV, or the suggestion that YouTube isn't profitable yet, despite its ubiquity?
  • TLC's Wide, Weird World Of Obesity
    At the moment, "My 600-lb Life" is one of the most conspicuous oddities on TV -- one of those shows that seems as if it's always on.
  • CBS Sitcom About Donuts Wants To Teach Us About Racism
    One week you're watching the characters in a donut shop debate new donut varieties, and a few weeks later you're seeing a sitcom-style debate about Chicago police tactics, stop-and-frisk, racial-profiling and a phenomenon identified by one character as "unconscious bias." This is what's in store for you if you choose to watch the fledgling CBS sitcom called "Superior Donuts" next Monday night at 9 Eastern.
  • Good-Bye To Robert Osborne, TCM's Ambassador To Hollywood
    It was often said of Robert Osborne that he had what might have been the best job in television. In many ways, TCM was unique -- a showcase for classic movies on basic cable that has so far resisted the temptation to disrupt its content with commercials.
  • Covering All The Angles In Trump-Schwarzenegger 'Apprentice' War
    Do we begin by examining Schwarzenegger's characterization that he's "quitting" the show, or start with a discussion of the show itself, which scored low ratings on opening night and has gone downhill ever since?
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