• The Info War Is On, And Alex Jones Is Beating Megyn Kelly
    An information war is being waged by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones against Megyn Kelly and NBC News, and Jones is winning.
  • 'Batman' Forever? Adam West Made His Peace With That
    Adam West's death last week served as a reminder of a TV era when actors came to resent the very shows that made them famous.
  • No Advertiser On Earth Should Support Sickening 'Blood Drive' On Syfy
    When does the environment created by the contents of a TV show become so repellent that no advertiser on earth would agree to be associated with it?
  • Interview With Conspiracy Theorist Has Megyn In Hot Water
    In just her third week on the air, Megyn Kelly has accomplished something that was so avoidable, you wouldn't think it was even possible.
  • Oliver Stone Interviews The Most Interesting Man In The World
    Somehow, Oliver Stone gained an incredible amount of access to Vladimir Putin -- a man you wouldn't expect would be so eager to talk so publicly about so many subjects.
  • Was The Comey Hearing Good TV? I Give It An 8
    Thursday's Comey hearing was like a goose that laid a million golden eggs, resulting in the mobilization of the news channels' vast armies of contributors, columnists, commentators and consultants.
  • With Another New Show, Steve Harvey Is Smiling As Fast As He Can
    Harvey, 60, is poised to keep smiling in at least three shows in network prime-time this summer, including a new one premiering this coming Sunday night on ABC.
  • TNT Drama Begs Question: What Won't They Show On Basic Cable?
    "Claws" represents another step in TNT's apparent strategy to push the envelope and smash various taboos, perhaps to better compete with the dramas on pay cable and streaming services.
  • Fox Titling Of Family Show 'The F Word' Is So Effed Up
    The Fox programming department has applied a phrase whose off-color meaning everyone knows to a show that is supposedly aimed at families.
  • In Conversation With Kelly, Putin Critique Of U.S. Media Hits Home
    Vladimir Putin made mincemeat of Megyn Kelly -- and then later in her debut show on NBC, we were treated to a bunch of cute kiddies saying the darndest things.
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