• The '90s, Paparazzi Culture And The Summer Of Di
    August 31 marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death in the car crash that shocked the world. ABC had a special last week about her life and death, "The Story of Diana." The show, produced in association with "People" magazine, did quite well.
  • Is Loyalty Outmoded? Top ABC Producer Defects To Netflix
    Shonda Rhimes is ending her prolific and profitable relationship with Disney for a new production and development deal at Netflix. Netflix is on a spending spree -- apparently flush with cash.
  • Fall Preview: Making Autistic Surgeon Plausible Is Challenge For ABC
    In "The Good Doctor," the entire drama hinges on the audience believing an autistic man is reliable enough to join the surgical staff of a major (fictional) hospital in California.
  • Whatever NBC News Asks Her To Do, Megyn Kelly Says Yes
    Megyn Kelly seems to be having her own personal Summer of Yes -- saying yes to every request her new bosses at NBC News can think of to throw at her.
  • ABC's Steph Dents Colbert's Exclusive Claim On Mooch Interview
    Stephen Colbert's claim of an "exclusive" interview with Anthony Scaramucci lasted just shy of 12 hours -- until the moment George Stephanopoulos announced he would interview "The Mooch" a day earlier.
  • Fall Preview: What's Seth MacFarlane Doing With New Space Show?
    Producer and TV cult leader Seth MacFarlane blasts off into live-action space this fall in a one-hour series that is part comedy, part action-adventure and part "Star Trek" spoof.
  • 'Wahlburgers' Is Only Hamburger Brand With Its Own TV Show
    Wahlburgers is the only hamburger restaurant chain with its own TV show that you could describe as a program-length commercial for the brand.
  • Media Watchdogs Are Suddenly Worried About Sinclair
    The problem is that Sinclair has a conservative slant to its newscasts. Sinclair is in the media watchdogs' crosshairs because it's the largest single owner of local TV stations in the U.S. in terms of the number of properties the company owns.
  • How A Warhol 'Brillo Box' Came To Be Worth $3 Million
    A compact HBO documentary premiering Monday takes us on a nearly 50-year journey with an Andy Warhol Brillo box, synthesizing the art, commerce and culture of an entire era.
  • International Airborne Shark Attack: Could It Happen Here?
    It's an annual tradition that has become a yearly custom: Another "Sharknado" movie and another "Sharknado" column. "Sharknado 5," subtitled "Global Swarming," premieres this coming Sunday night on Syfy.
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