• A Record Black Friday? Erm, Unlikely
    Wunderman-owned Salmon is predicting a bonanza -- but recent Black Fridays would suggest the trend is downward.
  • English Football Dodges An OTT Bullet From La Liga, But Just For Now
    The Saturday 3pm slot is still protected. But OTT will end it one day soon.
  • 60% Of Marketers Aren't Confident Working With Influencers, Tips On Spotting A Fake
    ISBA is telling its members to look at business metrics, more than likes. Good advice. Here are some extra tips.
  • Twitter Wants Balanced Brexit Debates - Shame Social Media Users Don't
    Twitter's co-founder wants to end the "filter bubble" -- but how many users truly want an open social media debate?
  • Voice And Visual Are The New Norm -- Just Ask WPP
    WPP's Mindshare has opened a voice and visual consultancy. More will follow as the next wave of disruption hits.
  • Johnston Press Demise Reveals Shocking State Of Local Papers
    Sad but true -- print revenues have been slashed, and digital cannot make up the difference.
  • Mobile Apps -- The New Frontier On Fraud?
    Mobile and desktop web show huge progress on fraud. Mobile apps? Not so much.
  • Meerkats And Alien Robots Are TV's Secret Weapon
    If you want a campaign to resonate longer, include a character or two. Simple!
  • The Chinese Are Coming - And They Have Future-Proofed Their Brands
    They're not just consumers -- savvy businesspeople have taken new tastes in China, and they are exporting them back to the West.
  • Facebook And PayPal Tax Victories -- Is The Digital Services Tax Working Already?
    It's unlikely to be imposed, but the Digital Services Tax is helping to convince tech giants to be more fair on tax.
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