• Facial Recognition, RTB And Google -- Where Will GDPR Finally Bite?
    This week's uproar over facial recognition is unlikely to lead to GDPR's first big fine.
  • Dear EU -- Leave Google Alone On Jobs
    If recruiters don't want a new way to reach job applicants, fine. But don't complain to the EU.
  • Is Advertising Becoming Too PC To Be Funny?
    If you like your ads funny, you'd better get ready for men and women always being the butt of a joke.
  • Time To Call Out Influencers On TV
    On social you need to add #ad -- but on tv, influencers can launch campaigns and never admit to being paid.
  • Fair Deal Or Privacy -- Facebook And Apple Square Up On News
    Facebook is taking on Apple with a news service, hoping its licensing fees will attract publishers away from Apple's privacy play.
  • Are Avatars The Next Frontier In Influencer Marketing?
    Samsung is about to find out after signing up virtual influencer Lil Miquela, and her 1.8m fans.
  • Fake News Battle Crucial As Gen Z Turns Off TV News
    Parity reached between social and mainstream media means fake news must be tackled.
  • As Brands Handle 'Grunt' Work, Agencies Supply Expertise
    In some sectors, two in three CMOs are in-housing, but agencies with expertise will still prosper.
  • Boris And No Deal Are In -- Still, Adland Wants Farage No-Platformed?
    As Boris becomes Prime Minister, adland needs to ask whether Farage has a point and it's too London-centric.
  • Lies, Statistics And Digital Advertising Growth
    What would you rather have next year -- an extra billion pounds through digital or a few tens of millions via cinema?
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