• Apes, Bears Or Pianos? Adland Can't Even Agree On Christmas
    Viewers either love "Rang-Tan" and Sir Elton, or they are way down the Christmas top ad list. It depends whom you ask.
  • May's U-Turn On Facebook -- And Europe Too
    The Government spends GBP100k on the site it vilifies as adland's wish of a "People's Vote" inches nearer.
  • Unicorn? Reality Suggests Not, As Blippar Struggles
    Cool app, but the so-called "unicorn" has been losing money six times faster than it can make it.
  • Are Betting Firms Responsible, Or Scaling Down An Ad War?
    The rise of mobile led to an ad arms race in betting. So is the altruistic "whistle to whistle" ban simply a ceasefire?
  • MPs vs Zuckerberg: It's So On
    The accusations are denied -- but what we do know is a line has been crossed as MPs take on Zuckerberg.
  • Did Influencer Marketing Just Take A Giant Leap To Respectability?
    Industry-wide benchmarking will give digital marketers the analysis needed to decide whether influencer marketing works.
  • 'The X Factor' Shows Why TV Still Packs A Big Punch
    Forget the lower ratings -- for the big shows it's all about instant reach and audience share.
  • Marriott Starwood -- Did GDPR Just Get Real?
    Will this be the first massive data breach dealt with by GDPR and its massive data breach fines?
  • Black Friday Week Shifts Online As High Street Struggles
    Black Friday was a damp squib all round, but the week's sales online were up while the high street flatlined.
  • Did Influencer Marketing Just Grow Up?
    From likes to CPM, influencer marketing is moving beyond followers to get reach from boosts.
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