• Digital Display Steps Up To The Plate, Finally
    The new Gold Standard offers assurance on fraud, safety and user experience.
  • Cookies Will Crumble, But Not Because Of GDPR
    GDPR is very lenient on cookies -- it's mobile use and the ePrivacy Directive that will see them off.
  • Seven In Eight Ad-Blocking Millennials Really Are Digital Shoplifters
    Everyone keeps trying to cut ad-blocking millennials a break -- but the figures speak for themselves.
  • DMA Shows Brands Fail To Learn The Lessons Of A Broken Heart
    Two to three times as many unsubscribers expect to be asked why they are leaving versus how many actually are.
  • Digital Tech Is Good, Right? Who Forgot To Tell The Public?
    The UK and US lead in digital dynamism, but typify the fears people have about jobs and inclusivity.
  • Data-Sharing Customers Want Benefits, Not Just Transparency
    DMA research shows that consumers understand their data powers the internet, and now they want their slice.
  • When Google Plays 'Good Cop' With Digital Advertising
    Publishers may be concerned, but cleaning out rogue ad units can only be a good thing.
  • What Part Of Transparency Do Influencers Not Get?
    It protects them, their sponsors and their audience -- yet only half are automatically transparent.
  • Facebook To Snapchat -- 'Am I Bothered?'
    Among the issues facing Facebook, losing millennials should be low on the list.
  • Unilever Calls Out Facebook, Twitter And Google On Brand Safety
    Unless you provide a platform that is safe for children and stop generating division, you'll get no Unilever love.
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