• Cambridge Analytica 2.0? Is UK The New Star In 'Homeland'?
    A secretive Brexit campaign, an ICO investigation and possibly the next PM come together for this week's trailer.
  • Mobile Crowned King Of Digital Marketing
    Mobile now accounts for 51% of UK digital spend -- and video is still rocketing too.
  • MPs Probe Whether Facebook Has Brexit Questions To Answer
    Supposedly, independent political ads now appear to have been coordinated.
  • EU Tells Tech Giants To Stop Gaming Their Systems
    Internet sites now have to come clean on how they rank products and services and allow rivals to complain.
  • Budgets Are Up -- Can We Thank A Delay To Brexit?
    There's an upturn in spending as a hard Brexit is ruled out -- but it's only expected to last until the UK's future is clearer.
  • 'Link Tax' Copyright Directive Passes Final Hurdle
    There was no outbreak of common sense as the link tax Directive passed its final hurdle yesterday.
  • Bounty Fine Is A Privacy Warning To Brands
    Bounty was fined GBP400k for breaking DPA -- imagine what would happen under GDPR.
  • Will Sharing Editorial Lead To Job Losses At 'The Times'?
    It is hard to think of any other outcome if the Government allows "The Times" and "The Sunday Times" to share journalists.
  • Is There Life For Lush After Social?
    The cosmetics retailer has called out social for algorithms and promoted posts. Can it survive alone?
  • Stressed Tech Industry Also Has Gender Issues
    BIMA's report shows that tech workers are hugely stressed, but the issue of the lack of women also needs to be mentioned.
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