• ICO Protects Children With, Mostly, A GDPR Reminder
    The privacy watchdog's 15-point guide has some useful clarifications, but it's mainly a reminder on GDPR.
  • Forget The Tough Talk -- UK Will Have To Ditch The Tech Tax
    The tech titans can relax. As France drops its tech tax, the UK is bound to follow. Isn't it?
  • UK Defies Brexit Uncertainty By Leading EU Ad-Spending Growth In 2020
    Dentsu Aegis puts ad-spending growth at 6% for the UK. Germany, Italy and Spain are set to go negative.
  • Boris, Please Leave The BBC Alone
    As the Director General leaves, the licence fee is up for question again. But how else would you fund the BBC?
  • Online Regulator Is A Near Certainty
    Media headlines and a commitment from the Government to make the internet safer point to a new regulator.
  • Marketing Enjoys A Boris Bounce As Confidence Returns
    Despite Brexit and a record terrible year on the high street, marketers are starting to feel positive again.
  • Google Accepts The Cookie Is Finally Crumbling
    It's been crumbling for a while, but now Google gives it two years. Here's why.
  • Meghan And Harry Wake Up To Find The Press Playing Hardball
    Meghan's dad is likely to be called as a witness against her, and evidence could include personal text messages.
  • Will These Six Points Save RTB?
    The IAB UK has outlined the six points that it hopes will show the ICO that RTB is still legal.
  • Retailers Face Up To A Record Low
    Last year was the worst on record, so expect a 1% dip in November and December sales to have a major impact.
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