• GDPR Puts EU Ahead On Privacy -- Just Ask Facebook, CA And The WFA
    The World Federation of Advertisers and Facebook have this week shown how the GDPR is ahead of the data protection game.
  • Was Wetherspoon Right? Does Social Prove Its Worth Beyond Vanity Metrics?
    Only 4% of consumers are bothered by a brand's social presence. Was Wetherspoon right to go off grid?
  • Is TV Paying The Price For GDPR Compliance?
    Spend on traditional channels is down. Is it a long-term trend or a blip to pay for GDPR?
  • Publishers Get Just 40% Of Programmatic, Time For A More Direct Approach?
    The tech vendors involved in programmatic are vital, but they are leaving publishers just 40% of the cake.
  • Why Did Sorrell Go? Just Look At WPP's Share Price Graph
    This wasn't the first time his conduct was questioned. This time, revenue is flat and the share price has nosedived.
  • Sky's MediaCom Renewal Shows Accountability Is The New Transparency
    Advertisers need to know the "why" as well as the "how" when it comes to how their budget was spent.
  • Social Spend Soars To Reach Second Screeners
    Privacy concerns are not holding back social spend. It's up. Way up.
  • Facebook Privacy Is A Trojan Horse For Tougher Regulation
    Privacy is the starting pistol signalling it's open season to tackle the dominance of the duopoly.
  • Unilever Trial Acknowledges All Advertising Is Paying For Attention
    Knorr is paying people to watch its video ads -- only with the twist of a donation to charity.
  • Is Native Advertising The Latest Victim Of Publishing's Flight To Quality?
    Digital advertising and subs are up, but native has halved in just one year in B2B.
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