• Amazon Adds 'Stickiness' With Music And Clarkson. Spotify And Apple Take Note
    Amazon has had a great week. Prime Music and a motoring show from the former Top Gear presenters are just what it needs to prove content is king and stickiness is digital's equivalent of loyalty.
  • Ribena-Gate Is Lifting The Lid On Sweet Drinks. What Next?
    The government had to force motor companies to make less polluting vehicles, but in the absence of a firm hand it has fallen to Tesco to cast out the sugary lunchbox drinks. No other act has done so much to take the sugar out of drink companies recipes, and maybe food makers soon too?
  • Discount And Middle-Class Supermarkets Rise - Time For The Big Four To Build A Customer Rapport?
    The discounters and the cooperatively owned supermarkets are growing, and the big four are not. Instead they are squeezed between price and quality messages from rivals and in desperate need of individual brand image that customers can ascribe to.
  • TV Ad Spend Up 11.5% - Not Bad For The Channel The Internet 'Killed'
    Internet advertising continues to rise as ad spend increases. But if you take a look at the figures, TV is doing incredibly well -- particularly as digital was supposed to have killed it off already.
  • Digital Marketing Skills Gap -- Could Sky's Trust In LinkedIn Data Rescue London?
    Sky found with the help of LinkedIn data that the tech skills it needed were in Leeds and so has opened a hub there. Could the same trust in data tell digital marketers where to get skills outside an overheating London market?
  • Display's Woes Will Fuel Mobile, Native And Social
    It's been a bad week for digital display as viewability dipped to 49% and bots were said to be accounting for half of the Web's traffic. This week's takeaway, then, is display's woes will fuel a mobile native and social bonanza.
  • More Lazy Than Apathetic -- Double Standards And The UK Consumer
    Google and Amazon topping a list of brands deemed meaningful tells you all you need to know about consumer double standards when it comes to doing the right things vs providing the most convenient thing, at the best price.
  • If 49% Viewability Doesn't Prompt Brands To Ask Media Agencies Searching Questions, Nothing Will
    That's right -- the majority of display is now not viewable, leading to a potential spend of GBP485m on inventory that will not be seen. Time for brand and media agencies to have a viewability chat?
  • PayPal To Spin Out, But What About Contactless Mobile Payments?
    Analysts seem upbeat about PayPal being spun out, but isn't it going alone at a time when Apple and Google will have a mobile contactless advantage over it?
  • Dear Paddy: That Joke Isn't Funny Any More
    Did you hear the one about the Irish bookmaker whose controversial campaigns tried just a little too hard to offend and make you laugh at the same time? If you're like me, the attention-grabbing is wearing a little thin now.
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