• Arranged Marriages: Digital Marketing's Dirty Secret Prompting So Many Reviews
    Data and transparency are key to the calling of so many global reviews and behind them lies the thorny issue of global deals themselves.-- advertising's equivalent of arranged marriages which regional heads are pushing back on.
  • Forget CMO vs CMT: Get Agile With IT, Then DecideTitles
    Only the digital marketing industry could see the rise of technology and ponder what it means for job titles. The action needed is for marketing and IT to form agile teams rather than worry about the titles we're going to give to one another.
  • Is Native Gearing Up To Be The Answer To Display Concerns?
    A year ago one in three media planners were interested in native, now that figure has risen to two in three. Hardly surprising that native is stepping forward to take budget from brands concerned by ad fraud, viewability and ad-blocking.
  • Apple Pay Is Here -- But Could Its Biggest Promise Be Beacons And Loyalty?
    Digital marketers should be excited by mobile contactless payments but the biggest leap forward Apple Pay could bring is a combination of contactess loyalty schemes and beacon technology.
  • Will Digital Content Sharing Be The Price BBC Pays For Charter Renewal?
    The BBC faces an uncomfortable year as vocal critics are appointed to the government's advisory board on charter renewal. Change is afoot and one likely outcome is the beeb sharing digital news content with its rivals in local media.
  • Brands Need To Show Rewards For Customer Data To Ensure It's Clean
    The secret is out the bag. Consumers know their data is worth something -- and if brands don't make it clear they're getting something great in return, they can't be surprised that 60% of us admit making up details occasionally to avoid further contact.
  • Human Emotion Is The Key To Unlock Long-Term Brand Relationships
    As digital marketers fine-tune an automatic campaign on an Excel spreadsheet, the occasional reminder that the end-consumer acts on emotion and empathy in the long term can never go amiss.
  • What Has The ASA Been Drinking As It Bashes Creativity?
    Every creative in the country should be backing Diageo as it challenges the creativity-bashing ASA and its nitpicking through rules to ensure nothing but the safest, blandest work passes muster.
  • I Say Potato, You Say Sexist - But Where Was Adidas In The Women's World Cup?
    The FA's social media patronising blunder is all over the news today -- but why is nobody picking up on Adidas virtually ignoring the event it sponsors as part of the men's World Cup agreement?
  • Unilever's Bold Move Makes Click Fraud A Very Public Discussion
    Unilever has broken cover to discuss how 29% of Web traffic is non-human and costs advertisers 6bn to $10bn a year. The warning to agencies could not be clearer: be the sheriff who protects from the Wild West, or get out of town.
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