• Boris Plays Nice With US Tech Giants On Regulation
    No more talk of bosses going to jail -- just the Ofcom appointment we were all expecting.
  • Can Barcelona's MWC Survive Coronavirus?
    We'll know on Friday, but it's looking unlikely that the Mobile World Congress can carry on with so many dropping out.
  • Influencers Are Schooled -- Again -- In Staying Legal
    Can you believe it? The ASA has had to remind influencers, again, about using #ad and not making false claims.
  • Tech Giants Avoid A Billion-Pound Tax Bill
    Campaigners are suggesting that the tech giants legally avoid around a billion pounds worth of tax per year.
  • UK Will Hold Social Media Bosses Accountable For Content
    Executives are likely to be taken to court if social media companies allow harmful content to remain published.
  • Why Boris Will Fail To Emulate Trump's Fox News Relationship
    Splitting up the political lobby between invited friends and ignored enemies won't work, as a boycott proved.
  • Google Faces GDPR Probe Over Location Tracking
    It has been a while coming, but the case is now official -- and there are new claims on special category process in the UK.
  • Gen X And Boomers Split Digital And Traditional Media Consumption Evenly
    Digital may mean everything to many agencies, but the IPA reminds that it's only half of an adult's media consumption.
  • Did GDPR Give Email Marketing A Massive Engagement Boost?
    The figures are in -- and engagement is through the roof in 2019 compared to 2019.
  • Brexit Day Is Here -- But Change Is A Year Away
    At 11pm tonight, the UK enters a transition phase where, despite the hype, virtually nothing changes until 2021.
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