• Creative Executions Hop Into Playboy
    Rifle through the last few issues of Playboy and you'll find a wealth of distinctive ads that are clearly letting loose and enjoying their media placement.
  • Good Fortune
    Like most commuters, I'm a sucker for a branded water bottle or free copy of the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. What about branded fortune cookies? While the concept is nothing new, the strategy, along with additional campaign elements, proved successful for American Airlines when the company launched its Chicago to Shanghai nonstop service in April.
  • What Do You Crave?
    Sweets. Tranquility. Caffeine. If we were on "$100,000 Pyramid," you would respond, "things you crave." This may be true, but does positioning a car and its amenities as something to crave equate to an increase in sales? Honda hopes so.
  • All That Jazz
    Pepsi's latest calorie-free beverage, the newly anointed Diet Pepsi Jazz, comes in two flavors: Black Cherry French Vanilla and Strawberries and Cream. The first flavor struck me as busy--too many flavors going on at once. A print campaign launching this week dutifully follows suit.
  • Outdoor Interaction Overseas
    I love hearing about outdoor ad campaigns that use technologies such as Bluetooth and GPS to lure consumers into interacting with brands on a deeper level than your average billboard or poster.</