• Elations Site Heavy On Content, Light On Self-Promotion
    Baby boomers might not be as technologically savvy as younger generations, but that doesn't mean social networking doesn't register as a blip on their radar. Case in point: Elations, a fruit-flavored beverage that provides a recommended dosage of Glucosamine and Chondroitin to those suffering from joint pain and osteoarthritis. Rather than promote its product using traditional media, the company launched a social networking site, LiveElated.com, where boomers can read daily nutritional news stories, track their weight loss using a BMI and Activity calculator, and share stories with people living with similar ailments.
  • Look There, On the Floor -- College Bookstore Campaign A 'Downer'
    LevelVision's College Bookstore Network is bringing its latest ad medium to more than 300 college campus bookstores this year. If you don't see it, look down -- for chances are, you'll be standing on it. Video screens that are less than 1" thick will be placed on bookstore floors, running a combination of infotainment and ads.
  • Time To Get Creative -- And Set A Record
    Creative folks, listen up. Photolibrary wants you... to join in and create the world's largest ad, using royalty-free images in Photolibrary's archives. The viral element serves as a follow-up to a print campaign that positioned the company's royalty-free images as a hub of creativity. Translation: creative images and royalty-free images can be one and the same.
  • Dexter Morgan: Serial Killer, Magazine Cover Boy
    Do you know Dexter Morgan? If you're unfamiliar with this fictional TV character, pick up one of your favorite magazines and chances are you'll be treated to a full-page introduction. To promote the third season of the popular Showtime series "Dexter," the network created ads that parody popular magazine covers, using the same typeface and layout as the magazines.