• Clothing Keeps The Needy -- AND Ad Message -- Warm
    Here's an interesting spin on a yearly campaign that occurs in Brazil. Every year most companies participate in the Warm Winter Campaign, which encourages employees to donate winter items such as blankets, hats, scarves and jackets to those less fortunate. SBT, a Brazilian TV network, decided to take the money normally allocated for its print and poster ad budget and use it to purchase hats, scarves, sweatshirts and blankets with the call-to-donate message printed on the accessories.
  • MINI Print Ad Drives Consumers Online
    New print ads in three German magazines require users to place a graspable medium in front of their computers' Web cam, resulting in a new, extraordinary experience.
  • Disco-Themed Campaign Promotes 'Staying Alive' After Night Of Partying
    Club-goers may wrap themselves around their dance partners -- but wrapping their car around a fire hydrant or lamppost following a night of partying is not on the agenda.Especially when the hydrant or lamppost is covered in mini-mirrors, in an attempt to mirror a disco ball.
  • Agency Uses Ad Medium To Give Back
    Who says newspapers are dead? The medium is bringing life to winter jackets and warmth to thousands of homeless in Canada.