• USA Sends 'Monk' Off With Marathon Text-to-TV Campaign
    If it's possible to watch TV on mobile devices, it was only a matter of time before texting to TV screens became a reality. One week before the series finale of "Monk" on USA, the network ran a six-hour viewers' choice marathon. A rolling ticker appeared at the bottom of the screen, similar to those seen on cable and local news stations. This ticker, however, scrolled text messages sent by "Monk" fans bidding the show farewell.
  • Here Comes The New Bridal Magazine, Laden With Mobile Technology
    Three bridal magazines folded between October and November of last year: Conde Nast's Modern Bride and Elegant Bride, and InStyle Weddings. Coincidentally, Get Married Media, a TV and online source of wedding information for brides, jumped into the print realm with the launch of Get Married magazine in October. Crazy? Brave? Victim of bad timing?
  • "All You Need is Love"... and a Video Camera to Raise Money to Fight AIDS in Africa
    Digital agencies are now producing work that traditional agencies handle, so it's only natural that traditional agencies are beefing up their digital résumé.
  • IMAX Theatre Gives Audiences 4D Treatment in Canada
    IMAX movies give viewers distinct sensations, like a nature-sanctioned LSD trip. Sometimes, it's as if they are floating through water or skiing black diamond slopes.