• Manage Food Allergies Online
    More than 70 million people living in the United States and Canada suffer from some form of food sensitivity, ranging from food allergies to intolerances, according to TAXI New York. The agency created a free Web site that allows food allergy sufferers to effectively manage their sensitivities through the creation of "safe food" lists and forums to communicate with people with similar food restrictions.
  • Cut Printing, Not Trees
    The furthest thought from a person's mind when printing a document or buying packaged food is the future effect it will have on the environment. Especially since trees have already been cut down to manufacture the paper purchased and placed in your printer. Lew´LaraTBWA created an outdoor campaign for SOS Atlantic Rainforest Foundation placed at the origin of paper manufacturing: trees.
  • The Good, Bad and Really Bad Ads from Super Bowl XLIV
    2010: The year big brands phoned in their Super Bowl ads. It might explain why most men were pantsless.