• The Future Of Retail Is Invisible
    ow does one shop at an invisible store? Step one is finding said store. Once you've done so, the process of selecting merchandise and making payments is similar to how you'd make any ordinary online purchase.
  • Can TV Ads Really Sell Anything? Ask Broccoli.
    A Canadian TV campaign from January touted the miracle health benefits broccoli has to offer. The company behind the campaign, however, might surprise you. Was it a local grocery store chain? A group of farmers? No and no. The Television Bureau of Canada made the big revelation in September that it created the five-week campaign in an effort to prove that TV ads can sell anything.
  • Electrolux Vacuums Up Debris From The Sea For Green Appliances
    Vacuum cleaners aren't the most "green" household appliances. They're made of plastic -- lots of plastic -- and even a brand's "green" line of equipment could still contain a percentage of unrecycled plastic. Electrolux drew attention to the lack of recycled plastic needed to create sustainable appliances by making vacuum cleaners from the plastic found littering ocean floors.