• DuPont Misses Target With Online Game
    DuPont launched its latest pest control product, Advion ant gel, at October's PestWorld 2007. The company also debuted an amusing pest control game, aptly titled, "Ant Annihilation," created by The VIA Group. According to the agency, the game received an overwhelming response at the trade show. So why is this game living solely on the agency's Web site?
  • Partida Tequila 'Confessions' Not Always Good For The Brand
    A viral video series for Partida Tequila plays more like an episode of HBO's "Taxicab Confessions." "Tequila Confessions" approaches people at sporting events or simply on the streets of large cities and asks them to share a tequila story. Most of these stories involve memory loss, puking, bodily harm, and -- my personal favorite -- conceiving a child.
  • One Step For Rink Power: Hockey Players Replace Ballerinas In Jewelry Boxes
    Hockey Canada targeted 8- to 12-year-old girls with a campaign using handcrafted jewelry boxes to persuade them to choose hockey over other sports such as ice-skating, for example.