• Not All Media Are Created Equal
    Our habit of putting out a welcome mat for an ad to maintain our attention (or often lose it) stems from the type of engagement arrangement we have with third-party-produced content. Which is why media that attract consumer attention through well-produced content should be more highly valued than media or platforms that don't.
  • Fake Beverage Promotes 'True Blood' Series
    I'm such a sucker for campaigns that hawk nonexistent brands to promote something on a grander scale. So is HBO.
  • Help For Parents Panicking About College Tuition
    The CollegeBoundfund, a nationwide college tuition savings plan available through the Rhode Island Treasurers Office and the R.I. Higher Education Assistance Authority, launched a campaign throughout Rhode Island advising residents to refrain from panicking when thinking about the cost of college for their children. TV, radio, bus and online ads, created by Nail Communications, use humor to educate residents about tuition options that are affordable and easy to understand.
  • Legal Sea Foods Ads Banned In Boston
    Legal Sea Foods launched a seemingly harmless campaign in May that landed the company in hot water. Five different ads, created by DeVito/Verdi, were posted on the sides of the Green Line trolley in Boston, featuring different types of fish hurling insults at passersby. In this case, it wasn't the passersby that took offense to the creative; the trolley conductors did.