• The Fresh Smell of Social Media
    What does social media smell like? Does it have floral, woodsy or techie notes? The more important question is: Do you want to smell like social media? Will smelling like social media enhance your brick and mortar life of going out and interacting with people in person?<
  • Maroon 5 and Coca-Cola Make Beautiful Music -- in Just 24 Hours
    Twenty-four hours seems like an eternity, yet if I were told to write and record a song in that same time span, I'd ask for an extension. Coca-Cola tasked Maroon 5 and ten aspiring musicians to do just that with "24 Hour Session," a live music event that took place in London on March 22.
  • All's Fair in Love and Unused Twitter Characters
    Do you have a Twitter account? Do you use all 140 characters when tweeting? If not, have you thought about the unused characters wasted per Tweet? Neither have I, but Ben & Jerry's has -- and plans to put unused characters to good use.
  • Sony Electronics Equips Students For Sunken Ship Quest
    Last year, Sony outfitted eight students with Sony laptops, complete with Intel core processors, and challenged them to launch a rocket into the stratosphere, using the technology provided. This year, students will be looking down, rather than up. Project Shiphunt is challenging a select group of high school students in Michigan to find a sunken ship using Sony VAIO laptops powered by 2nd generation Intel core processors. Talk about an example of making learning fun and exciting.