• In Natural Tie-In, PUMA Promotes Running Shoe On Workout-Themed Radio
    Internet radio station Pandora launched a series of workout stations back in September as a mix of music for anyone who doesn't have time to sift through the company's digital music collection and create the ideal workout playlist. To launch its lightweight running shoe, PUMAGILITY, PUMA sponsored every workout station on Pandora throughout the month of February,
  • Hold On To Your Coffee: At This Cafe, Spills Come Via Remote-Control Onlookers
    Forum, the largest mall in Helsinki, has a new tenant for the next few weeks: a pop-up caf named Kauko. At first glance, the caf looks pretty ordinary; it sells coffee, snacks and offers WiFi access. The catch here is a big one.Every aspect of the store's ambience, from the customer service, height of tables and chairs, to lighting and music, is controlled remotely, online, in real time.
  • Super Bowl 2012: The Year of The Extended Pre-Release
    2012 was the year of the extended pre-release of Super Bowl ads (Volkswagen, Kia, Honda, Acura, Toyota -- notice a categorical trend here, people) and watching my element of surprise fly out the window. I'd like it back.