• I Know Why The Caged Bird Escapes--and Returns...
    Because it's a closet gamer that loves its owners. A green parakeet with magical powers is the star of an international kiosk broadcast piece for Xbox 360. Part of the brand's "Jump In" campaign, the 90-second video is running internationally in stores that sell video games.
  • The Fine Red Line Between News And Business
    TIME magazine launched an outdoor ad campaign in London using its easily recognizable red border and targeting international business travelers.
  • Mystery Napkin Leads To Snow Days
    Picture it: MediaPost's office, about a month ago. The mail arrives on schedule after lunch, and yours truly receives an unmarked envelope, postmarked from Colorado. I open the mystery package assuming I'd find creative from a breaking campaign. What I find is a Starbucks napkin, some funky symbol and a URL talking about "The Purification." What gives?