• Watch Out For That Kid: Belgium Toyota Campaign Urges Safety When Backing Up
    Happiness Brussels created a 3D road safety campaign for Toyota to raise awareness about children being hit by cars that are backing up. "Protect what's behind you" features six lifelike, 3D images of children playing hopscotch, sitting in a supermarket carriage, drawing chalk pictures on pavement and riding a tricycle.
  • 'Walking Dead' Zombies Follow Twitter Fans -- Grunting Ensues
    Some Twitter followers are people of few words -- or grunts. To promote the debut of "The Walking Dead" on French television network NT1, Darewin created a reverse-psychology social media campaign, announcing that the walker virus - a factor in "The Walking Dead" - had contaminated all NT1 employees, and asking Twitter users not to tweet the hashtag #WalkingDeadNT1 or comment on Facebook and blog posts containing said hashtag.
  • Passersby Help Burt's Bees Billboard Show Before-And-After Effect
    To launch a new line of hydrating moisturizing products, Burt's Bees placed a billboard across from a riverside Minneapolis farmers' market. The ad showed a bored-looking woman next to copy asking: "Does your skin feel dry and flaky?"