• Chocolate Brown Hot Color Of New York's Fashion Week
    This season's fashion bite was not a new denim jean or a patent leather handbag, but a premium biscuit. Yes, a cookie with French heritage, elegant design, quality ingredients (pure butter, enrobed in deep, rich European chocolate: LU Biscuits (from Kraft Foods). How surprised was I to see that a sponsor of Fashion Week events was not a fashion or beauty brand, but rather LU Biscuits. What a clever way to marry style and fine taste.
  • Come For The Wi-Fi, Stay For The Coffee And Carrot Cake
    The Coffee Company, an aptly named business located in Amsterdam, was looking for a way to persuade college students to spend more time in its stores. So the company offered free Wi-Fi in shops situated closely to universities.
  • If Only Finding A Man Was This Easy...
    Flossie.com, a New Zealand-based, female-centric Web site full of fashion, beauty, sex and dating, entertainment, and career tips, recently launched. In an effort to convey the site's abundance of content for women of all ages, Flossie.com launched a campaign on a busy New Zealand street using a vending machine that dispensed living, breathing, single men. I would have loved to see this campaign in action, for many reasons.
  • How Do YOU Celebrate Arbor Day?
    In the grand scheme of American holidays, it's doubtful that Arbor Day cracks people's top five. In Brazil, the holiday is celebrated on Sept. 21 under the name National Tree Day, coinciding with the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere. To celebrate the holiday, Brazilian bank Banco Real ran a simple newspaper ad -- with a seed attached.