• Zappos Targets The Shoeless Flier
    Finding ads in every nook and cranny of airports is unavoidable , and spending quality time with airport security is inevitable. That makes this latest campaign for ads in airport security bins completely unsurprising -- especially since the media buy aptly fits the brand.
  • Heinz Pairs Ketchup With User-Generated Content
    This isn't the first time Heinz has customized copy on its iconic ketchup bottle, but it is the first time both the front and back labels will be doctored.
  • Corona Uses Radio Ad Time To Play Custom Music
    I've heard of companies purchasing radio airtime that's used to play music, rather than a pitch. Viewers are left with an hour's worth of music, subject only to a 60-second promotional spot airing before and after the music block. Kaiser Permanente used this model earlier this year; Corona and Corona Light are adding their own twist to the concept.
  • Vodka Drinkers Tell Truth About Taste
    "In vino veritas"? What about truth in vodka? In a new campaign, Philadelphia residents gave their unadulterated opinions on the taste of various vodka brands - especially Pravda, the luxury vodka named for the Russian word for "truth."
  • Lucky You -- Denim Brand Travels Country In Style
    Lucky Brand Jeans hopped on the "Denim Highway" in an effort to promote the opening of 45 retail stores within the next 18 months. For the next 6 months, Lucky will travel the country in a 1949 Flxible bus/interactive showroom that was built, designed and pimped out by the crew of MTV's "Pimp My Ride."