• Purina's Bus Shelter Ads Make Cats Want To Pounce -- And Humans, Play
    To launch the debut of Felix, a cat food brand, in Mexico City, Purina created life-sized cat's cradles in five bus shelters throughout the city. Would this much yarn put a smile on Grumpy Cat's face? Probably not, but it gave me one, as I fondly recalled playing Cat's Cradle as a kid. Big Bang Global, a Mexico City-based agency, came up with the creative concept, which took two weeks to conceptualize and create.
  • S.W.A.V.: Aussie Postal Service Ships Holiday Gifts With Personal Videos Attached
    Sending a video greeting might not seem like anything new. After all, from SnapChat and Facetime to SKYPE -- and all points in between -- video posts have become the way of the world. But context is everything, especially when you care enough to send the very best: yourself. This Christmas, the Australian Postal Service won't just be send your gift -- they'll be sending your personal video greeting right along with it.
  • Gentlemen, Remix Your Engines
    Among the many behaviors adopted by the masses from the democratization of technologies is sound and video remixing. Remixing of old school tracks by DJs, new artists and remixers has given new life to many of our most cherished songs.It was just a matter of time before brand marketers sat up and listened, such as Mercedes-Benz UK and its Sound With Power campaign, which demonstrates the power of the new E63 AMG engine by tapping into consumers' penchant for audio/video remixing.