• Watching Paint Dry Is More Productive Than You'd Think
    DIYers were treated to 24 hours worth of live-streamed DIY projects to kick off the launch of Krylon ColorMaster's line of spray paints. "The Krylon ColorMaster Challenge: 24 Projects in 24 Hours" tackled home improvement renovations with help from Jeff Devlin, host of DIY Network's "I Hate My Bath" and a licensed contractor.
  • Beardvertising -- It's A Real Thing
    There's never a shortage of atypical advertising, with outdoor ads that smell like steak; a billboard made from plants; using the sun to convey a brand message; or wearing tweets on jeans. Adding to the latest advertising craze is Beardvertising: real native advertising, or when miniature billboards are clipped to men's beards.
  • Stamps Turn Into Do-Good Ad Medium
    Sure, online bill paying and e-cards may be the more accepted and economical way to go, but most of us still use stamps for some tasks. And lately, stamps have become canvases to promote various causes, like finding missing children in Canada and saving rhinos from extinction in South Africa.
  • Keep Your Eyes On The Mobile Prize; Look Away And You Lose
    To promote the eye-tracking technology built inside the Samsung Galaxy S4, Perfect Fools created a contest that rewarded winners with a free Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • MLB's First Telerobotic Pitch Thrown By Boy 1,800 Miles From Stadium
    On June 12, Nick LeGrande, a 13-year-old from Kansas City, Mo., threw the first pitch at a New York Yankees-Oakland Athletics game. What sets Nick apart from anyone else who has thrown a first pitch: he was actually 1,800 miles away, in his Missouri hometown, when he participated in the game.