• Media Merchants Uses Lamborghini As Very Expensive Video Canvas
    Last month, Vancouver-based production agency The Media Merchants used a Lamborghini Reventon as a canvas for animated images.  The Reventon is Lamborghini’s priciest car, costing $1.5 million. To date, only 20 have been created and sold to the public. I know you’re shocked… What began for Media Merchants as an in-house project morphed into a live event in Vancouver. The Lamborghini Project first began with mapping animated images onto the car. Actually, it began once confirmation was received that the car was secured for the project. After that, the animation took two weeks to create.
  • GoCharge Kiosks Lets Advertisers Take Advantage Of A Universal Need
    If love means never having to say you're sorry, then goCharge branded kiosks, found in 50 New York City bars, means never being without the ability to send a drunken text message.
  • Framestore's 3D Karaoke: Singers Work Hard for the Lyrics
    Attendees at last month's Internet Week Europe in London put their vocal chords, knowledge of song lyrics and body mobility to the test with a 3D karaoke installation that required more than questionable vocal chops.