• Spin The Hair Product Bottle
    Redken put a twist on the game Spin the Bottle in support of its Urban Experiment line of hair products.
  • Food Fight! General Mills Combines Play And Nutrition Info
    Many people believe that to eat healthfully, one must sacrifice flavor, taste and quantity. Not so, says General Mills. The company created a Web site and online game that lets users get dirty and check out hundreds of easy-to-make recipes that are healthy and delicious.
  • Intel is the Latest Tech Company to Make I.T. Cool
    It's not easy working in the IT department -- but it's all too easy to mock and stereotype techies in movies and TV shows. Intel launched two Web films late this summer hoping to add humor to an otherwise unglamorous (to most) industry.
  • Horizon Air Aims To Turn Drivers To Fliers
    Frequent travelers between Seattle and Portland are all too familiar with the long 200-mile drive on Interstate 5. It's dubbed "The Slog" -- and now Horizon Air is hoping to turn stressed-out drivers on this road into relaxed fliers.
  • Pilgrimage To Block Party A Religious Experience
    Need a reason to rock? Look no further than the family pet, toaster or piece of wood. Minneapolis was abuzz with a series of teaser ads earlier this year, each bearing a rock-and-roll theme.