• Poke Friends Online With Wolverine's Claws
    Orkut is a Google-owned social networking site that's uber-popular in Brazil. To promote the upcoming film "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," premiering April 30 in Brazil, Fox Films tasked MPM Propaganda with creating a unique campaign in Orkut. The agency created an avatar for use in The Buddy Poke!, an application in Orkut where users express themselves via individualized characters. A Wolverine avatar was created that allows users of Buddy Poke! to send two different requests to friends: "claws out" or "asked to respond."
  • Free Coffee, Bad Grades?
    THEY created a unique campaign for CoffeeCompany that infiltrated campuses and rewarded students with free coffee. The concept began with word-of-mouth buzz from CoffeeCompany baristas, who informed college students about a CoffeeCompany-branded Web site. The site featured branded slides that students could download and slip into a class PowerPoint presentation.
  • Does Ad With Fake 911 Call Offend?
    K&G Fashion Superstore launched a TV, radio, outdoor and guerilla campaign promoting its affordable prices compared to those found in high-priced department stores. The campaign uses a new tagline, "Fashion without the victim," offering consumers brand name clothes at reasonable prices. One of the TV ads in the campaign, created by DeVito/Verdi, has been banned in numerous markets for its strong resemblance to an actual 911 tape.
  • Goes Together Like: PB&J And Basketball?
    Basketball and jelly seem an unlikely pairing, unless you're a Boston Celtics fan.Kevin Garnett, power forward for the Celtics, eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, made with Welch's grape jelly, before games. The brand elevated its status this season by taking advantage of Garnett's love of Welch's, creating a video that runs on the jumbotron starring Welchy, dance connoisseur and Welch's mascot.