• A Radio Station Devoted To Songs Used In Ads? What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
    I have a thing for music used in TV commercials. It's borderline obsessive. A decent chunk of my downloaded music collection comes from songs I heard first in TV ads. Take this Nike spot from 2008, for example. The ad itself is topnotch -- along with the song playing throughout -- "List of Demands" by Saul Williams, which still has a home on my running iPod, used heavily on speedwork days.
  • Mapping Healthy Profits: Clinic Geotargets Potential Patients
    A multimedia campaign for The Everett Clinic in Everett, Wash., takes geotargeting to a micro level, providing customized directions from a potential patient's home to the clinic. The campaign promotes the clinic's top-notch doctors and healthcare to local residents while breathing new life into a flailing ad medium: direct marketing.
  • Real 'Tweets': Birdwatching Comes Alive Online
    Look out for that Prothonotary Warbler! Audubon brought birdwatching to the Internet with "Birding the Net," an online and social media campaign that educates users about the variety and locations of birds throughout the U.S.
  • Rosetta Stone Meets Guitar Hero: Making Music For Agency's Invention Division
    BBH is hustlin'. Not only is the global agency home to clients like Axe, British Airways, Google, Johnnie Walker, Sprite and Vaseline, one of its side companies is creating products in the fashion, security, and, most recently, music industries. The latest product to bring in an additional revenue stream is Playground Sessions, a music learning software program that teaches users -- from beginners to more advanced learners -- how to play the piano.
  • Reality TV Redefined, Recorded on Sony Xperia Smartphones
    Sony Ericsson gave an astrophysicist, surf photographer, BMX biker and a group of artists living on a ship a Sony Xperia phone. The challenge was simple: create something with the smartphone and document the process.