• Canadians Hunt For Treasures Of Japanese Culture, Via Sapporo Beer
    Interactive treasure hunts are taking the virtual world by storm, offering a wealth of great prizes, without the physical exertion. Last year, ASICS created an online scavenger hunt for select European bloggers, while earlier this year, Vodafone tapped15 bloggers in the Netherlands to create their own treasure hunts for readers to solve. The latest brand to send users on a virtual chase is Sapporo beer.
  • Home Is Where The Pooch Is: Demo Houses Paired With Pet Adoption Drive
    Get ready for a campaign that put a roof over the heads of prospective home buyers and shelter dogs. Beginning last month in Brazil, Pedigree teamed up with Gafisa, a Brazilian real estate and construction company, to sell homes and get dogs adopted.
  • Floored? Johnsonite Tiles Bowling Alley, Campground For Promo
    What would the world be like if miniature-golf courses, bowling alleys, driveways, gas stations and skate parks threw caution to the wind and covered their surfaces with tiled flooring? Personally, I'd want to know if tiles would improve my chances at bowling a perfect game.
  • Creme De La Crap: Consumerist Crowns Worst TV Ads
    You take the good. You take the bad. You take them both and there you have... advertising, of course! Often, the bad ads are more memorable than game-changing creative, thanks to an ad's spokesperson, jingle or the product shilled. Last week, Consumerist.com announced the winners of its first annual Worst Ad in America Awards. The winners, if you want to call them that, were selected by consumer votes, totaling more than 100,000. See if you agree with the majority.