• Ostriches Protect Mystery Of Stride Gum Flavor In App Ads
    The Stride gum ostriches will find you, whether you're online or offline. In TV spots, these ostriches threaten anyone with bodily harm who dares reveal Stride's mega-mystery flavor. The animal with a face only its mother could love has also invaded the mobile realm, specifically the app world.
  • HPNOTIQ Pioneers Use Of Evite Widget
    HPNOTIQ, the blue liqueur made of vodka, natural tropical fruit juices and cognac, launched a unique online campaign targeting 21-34 year-old women planning get-togethers. In the process, the company became the first sponsor of a sharable Evite widget, paving the road for a new ad medium for the invitation-sending Web site.
  • Steaz Teas Targets Bloggers For Awareness Campaign
    Small budgets have yielded hefty payoffs lately for brands embracing the power of the blogger. ASICS sent European bloggers on a virtual scavenger hunt while Vodafone sought the help of 15 bloggers in the Netherlands to create a treasure hunt using social networks. Stateside, Steaz Teas targeted mommy bloggers to enhance its brand awareness when allotted coveted shelf space at Target stores on a trial basis.
  • Think Before You Buy
    Would you purchase beachfront property without the beach? Better yet, would you buy a beachfront home if you had to sacrifice the beach to make room for your home?