• Interactive Chairlift Video Entertains With Alternate Scenarios
    I can thank Apple for introducing me to the band Chairlift when their song, "Bruises," was used in an iPod Nano ad in 2008. That ad gave Chairlift exposure to a broader audience. Nowadays, Chairlift is making technological advances in a medium that's often waning in popularity: the music video. M ss ng p eces created an interactive music video for Chairlift's "Met Before" that uses technology by Interlude.fm to make a video where viewers choose their own path.
  • Coca-Cola Spreads Simple Moments Of Online Happiness To Fans
    Shortly after Coca-Cola transitioned to Facebook's Timeline business page, the brand reached 40 million "Likes." And so began a set of mystery riddles.
  • From Oranges To Street Grates: Scents That Sell Gud Brand
    Burt's Bees combined a scratch-n-sniff card with a 90-second video on Facebook to promote gd, its line of natural shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, body wash and body mist, targeting Millennial women age 18-29.
  • These Are Your Brain Waves... As Furniture Patterns
    Ever watch a furniture ad that touted a chair's mental or physical health benefits for its users? Ever wonder what brain waves look like -- and whether the impending design would make for a decent furniture pattern? Look no further than Varier Furniture's Variable Balans chair.