• Fashion, Food And Street-Legal Drugs
    In Amsterdam, a spring fashion lookbook was transformed into an extreme cookbook, full of recipes using street-legal drugs. The agency Arnold Amsterdam created "Baked" to drive attention to European online men's fashion store FreshCotton.com's launch of an exclusive, special edition Stussy Amsterdam T-shirt that costs 35 euro.
  • Car Paint, Heal Thyself
    Nissan has developed self-healing paint, a technology that renders a car scratch-proof. Does this spell the end of parking at the far end of the store so errant shopping carts don't ding my car? Someday, just not today.
  • Mail A Letter -- It Could Save A Life
    New technology, like social networks, not only reconnects old friends and relatives but sheds light on cold-case crimes, most recently helping to solve a 45-year-old hit-and-run death. This month, The Missing Children's Network in Canada goes old-school in its effort to help locate missing children by placing the pictures of those missing on postage stamps.