• If You Build It, They Will -- Hey, Look, It's Already Built...
    The Lego Group creates 3D versions of Lego toys.
  • Talking Puddles
    Last year, Coca-Cola tapped Canadian agency Taxi 2 to create a campaign to generate buzz for its Fanta soft drinks. Fanta is a well-known beverage in Europe, but remains relatively unknown in Canada.
  • A Valentine's Day Gift That Lasts Forever
    Answer: diamonds, plastic and spoof ads. Question: What three things last forever? It's easy to mock the iconic "A diamond is forever" ad campaign from De Beers, especially around Valentine's Day. An eco-friendly organization has done just that.
  • Shop Talk: The Best And Worst Of The Super Bowl Ads
    Underwhelmed and fresh salsa. Those are the two tastes lingering in my mouth following the Super Bowl. The game was far more exciting than the ads. Even this non-football-watcher was glued to her seat.