• Bully Denied Use Of Kayak.com Creates Own Travel Booking Site
    Frank Reardon, the man banned from using travel website KAYAK.com because he bullied the site's founder, is looking to make amends. He created a video last week asking for the public's help in having him gain access to travel deals. Frank wants social media users to let KAYAK know, via Twitter and Facebook, whether he should be allowed to use the site. While the public continues to weigh in on his fate, Frank launched his own, competing travel-booking website called FranksKayak.com.
  • Agency Launches In-house Collection of Creative Ideas
    While meeting client deadlines is both exciting and potentially lucrative, sometimes it's nice to create something that's free of stress and third-party pressure. In other words, being creative because you can.
  • Live From New York, It's JetBlue's Online Game Show!
    Do you like to travel, are knowledgeable on the subject and have a Skype account and a webcam? If you answered yes, then you're an ideal contestant for "Get Away With It," a live, online game show for JetBlue. Contestants are currently being recruited to participate via a print, online, social media, TV and in-flight campaign, created by Mullen.
  • Stinkdigital Measures its Twitter Health With Athlete's Tool
    How healthy is your Twitter account? Do you tweet informative, smart and useful tidbits -- or are you apt to inform your followers that you ate a brownie for breakfast, sans guilt? Or, you might be a combination of both. I enjoy tweeting my columns, but sometimes I come across a food truck that the whole world, or my 12 Twitter followers, must know about.